There Is a Huge Variety in Kitchen Counters

One of the most fun parts of building a new home, or of remodeling, is the selection process.  There are more options in materials and colors today than there has ever been.  This is especially true when choosing kitchen countertops.  Once, it seemed that nearly every counter was made from wood covered with veneer.  Then there was the option of veneer or granite.  Now there are so many options, not only in the kind of material you choose, but with more color varieties than are almost possible to imagine.

Stone Options

Granite: Granite countertops offer increased value for a home, and they are unquestionable beautiful.  Granite countertops not only look great, but they are durable and burn resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant.  Granite is a porous surface which makes it absorbent to oils and water so there is some maintenance as it must be sealed every year.

Stone Italiana: Stone Italiana is a manufactured stone made from quartz and is a product that can look like marble, concrete, matte, and other textures, included hammered and gloss.

Quartz: Quartz countertops are usually a manufactured product made from over 90% quartz and most of the rest from resins and pigments.  Quartz countertops are heat and scratch resistant and require little if any maintenance.  Quartz countertops have a more uniform color and pattern than most other stone countertops.  Quartz countertops can also come in different sizes so it is possible there will be fewer seams than a natural stone such as granite.

Vetrazzo:  Vetrazzo countertops are made from 100% recycled glass.  Vetrazzo advertises itself as a work of art, and looking at these beautiful countertops makes it difficult to argue.  When Vetrazzo is used in a kitchen, the countertop becomes the central focus of the room.  In addition to its beauty, Vetrazzo  has a lot to offer homeowners as it is easy to care for, and very durable.  Vetrazzo is comparable to granite in strength, scratch resistance, heat resistance, durability, and overall time spent caring for it.  The time spent caring for Vetrazzo is similar to the time needed to care for natural stone countertops.

Zodiac Countertops:  Zodiac countertops are from a joint effort from science and nature to bring about a design that looks contemporary with strong elements of nature combined with pure beauty.  Zodiac is engineered from pure quartz crystals which send beams of light into their environment and sparkle as the light hits these beautiful counters.  Zodiac is long lasting and provides strength, heat, and scratch resistance.  Zodiac provides the beauty of quartz crystal, making any kitchen look and feel inviting to a family and to guests.

Caesarstone:  Ceasarstone countertops are cost effective countertops made from manufactured quartz products.  Caesarstone has a number of advantages.  Caesarstone can be installed in thinner counters, which saves weight, and it has the versatility to be made in larger sections to reduce the number of joints necessary on the surface of the counter.  Caesarstone is also scratch and stain resistant, crack resistant, and it is impervious to most chemicals and solvents.

It isn’t only the materials that you can choose from, but we also stock more than 60 colors which can range from more common and traditional looks to some exotic colors on exotic stones.  We also have relationships with many local suppliers where we can send our customers to find the perfect color for the perfect kitchen.

Come and visit us and tell us what you want your new or remodeled kitchen to be for you and your family.  Will it be central hub for meeting and talking each day, or will it be the source for gourmet meals?  We can show you many different surfaces with many different colors.  Let us help you make your new kitchen perfect.