The Benefits of Vetrazzo (recycled Glass green product)

When you start looking into replacing the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of different options that you have available to you. Depending on your preferences you can go with engineered stone, granite, marble or more. The decision is ultimately a personal one that will be decided based not only on your visual preferences, but exactly what you plan on putting the countertop through in the first place. Vetrazzo is a type of recycled glass green product that has a large number of different benefits that can’t be ignored.

The Green Element

One of the most important benefits of Vetrazzo has to do with the fact that it is a green product. Vetrazzo is created using recycled glass materials that are then mixed with things like micronized glass, ash, pigments and a binding agent to create the surface that you will eventually see in your kitchen.

In addition to the finished product, the creation process of these countertops is also environmentally friendly. Very little waste is required during the manufacturing process, for example, and the earth itself does not suffer in any way when materials are mined.

This means that you’re doing your part to live an environmentally conscious life and are helping to leave the planet in a condition that is a bit better than the one that you found it in. If the rest of your home is already green and you’re practicing energy efficient techniques on a regular basis, Vetrazzo countertops in your kitchen or bathroom will fit right in from a thematic standpoint.


Another one of the major benefits of Vetrazzo surfaces involves how durable they are. Because of the low porosity of the recycled glass materials that were used in their construction, Vetrazzo surfaces are naturally resistant to things like mold and mildew. Though the material is not hard enough to be considered truly scratch proof, it is very much scratch resistant. If you accidentally drop a knife or another sharp tool on the counter, you likely won’t have to worry about creating the type of blemish that will bother you for years to come.

Vetrazzo countertops are also naturally stain resistant, meaning that you won’t have to worry about creating long lasting and unsightly affects from accidentally spilling a glass of wine. The material is also naturally heat and scorch resistant, allowing you to put it through the normal stresses of food preparation without needing to worry about damaging the surface in any type of significant way.

Perhaps the most important benefit of Vetrazzo and other types of recycled materials has to do with the cost. Thanks largely to the environmentally and efficient techniques through which they were created, these types of surfaces offer significantly more bang for your buck than even popular alternatives like granite. Though they may not be the cheapest surface out there, it will be hard to find something of better value when you consider the cost versus all of the inherent benefits. Vetrazzo surfaces are also very durable and can easily be cleaned, which means that you shouldn’t expect to spend much (or any) money by way of maintenance over the years.

Picking out a type of countertop for your home is always a decision that should excite you more than anything else. You’ve giving a room a whole new look and feel and will ultimately be adding to the overall resale value of your house at the same time. When you pick out a product like Vetrazzo, it’s important to understand its inherent benefits well in advance so that you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision and that it is one that you will continue to be happy with for years to come.