Premier Granite Countertop Services in West Bloomfield, MI

Whether you’re putting countertops in a new home or you’re replacing your old ones, it is imperative to consider your material options.  Many people in West Bloomfield, MI often overlook granite countertops because they assume they will be expensive.  Truth is, though, granite countertops have an expensive price tag because of their durability and lastingness.

Granite countertops optimize beauty to the max.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that these countertops are a new and upcoming trend, because the use of granite dates back to ancient Egypt.  In fact, the King’s Chamber found in the Great Pyramid exemplifies the use of granite with the walls being made out of black granite.

When it comes to uniqueness, granite countertops are a top-notch choice.  No two slabs of granite are the same, and the patterns within the slabs vary greatly.  Some slabs boast specks and swirls while others show off veining patterns.  And when sunlight hits granite countertops, a dimensional aspect can be seen that no other material can come close to.