At Marble Deluxe, we strive to be open and honest with our clients at all times. Part of that involves a high level of transparency at all parts of the countertop selection process, particularly when it comes to installation.

We find that by being forthcoming with every last step of the process, it helps you to learn more about exactly what goes into installing new surfaces in a kitchen or bathroom. By understanding the decisions that we’re making during installation, you can also understand why we’re making them in the first place. That will go a long way towards making sure that you end up with an end result that you couldn’t be more satisfied with.


After you’ve selected your countertop surfaces and installation work has begun in earnest, the first thing we do is ensure that all cabinets in the room are perfectly level. One of the most important factors about countertop surfaces to keep in mind is that even when your cabinets are perfect in every conceivable way, a certain level of shimming is essentially unavoidable. The stone that you’ve selected for your surfaces isn’t perfect, nor will it ever be – that is part of the appeal of natural materials like granite in the first place. However, starting with uneven cabinets makes mitigating any shimming issues even more difficult, which is why this is such an important first step.


The next part of the installation process involves verifying piece dimensions, which is something that we do in the home. We take a final round of accurate measurements of the space the pieces will be going in and then compare those to the pieces themselves. This is necessary so that if there are any last minute sizing issues, they don’t need to be taken care of inside your home and can instead be addressed off site.


Next, we pull all of the seams and caulk in your counters both to the wall and underneath to the cabinet the surface will rest on. Not every company performs this step, though we find that it is necessary to insure the highest quality finished result. We’d rather exert a bit of additional effort during installation than wind up with something you aren’t 100% satisfied with.


We’ll then perform a series of field cut-outs to accommodate for additional appliances such as your cook top. When you hear about cut-outs being performed in the field, it’s easy for images of a soon-to-be dust filled home to pop into your head. At Marble Deluxe, we go out of our way to be as careful as humanly possible throughout all parts of this process. Not only will we use tarps to cover sensitive areas, but we’ll also use vacuums to catch as much of the dust as possible at the source. Don’t worry – your beautiful home won’t suddenly look like a dirty factor after this process. We take great care to do the best that we can to leave things just as clean as they were when we found them.

Also, one of the reasons why we do this in the home is because stone itself is very fragile when it is cut thin, as is required in front of a cook top in particular. This won’t be a concern at all once the piece is in place, as its stability will be more than adequate. However, transporting the piece during this time can be nerve-racking to say the least, which is why we like to perform this step in your home.


Finally, we will drill all faucet holes in the piece. We then clean the surfaces to make sure that they’re looking as good as possible and seal the counter to finish off the installation process.


By understanding all parts of the countertop installation process, we hope that you’ll see what a valuable service we provide to customers all throughout Michigan at Marble Deluxe. Our process isn’t something that we keep confidential. It isn’t a “secret recipe” that is only accessible to a select few individuals within the inner workings of our business. It’s out there at all times so that we can do our part to not only give you a product that you’re incredibly proud of, but so that you can rest easy knowing that the safety and well being of your surfaces are in capable hands.