Fabrication Process

Combining the best of human artistry and creativity with the extreme precision made possible by cutting edge technology, our granite countertops will be custom cut to perfectly fit your home. Learn more about how the process works and what to expect when you choose your new granite. This overview will give you an idea of our fabrication process and the level of care that goes into your custom countertops.

Our Granite Fabrication Process

Designing the Perfect Room

Our custom process begins with you and your home. The right granite will not only complement your home’s cabinetry ad color scheme, it will fit your personality, too. Do you love high impact, eye-catching design? We can come up with a granite countertop designed to be a stunning focal point in your kitchen or bath. Prefer a comfortable and durable but high end designer look? Let us create a warm and cozy feeling for your kitchen the quiet, enduring and subtle beauty of perfectly matched stone.

Granite offers limitless possibilities in color, depth and style – if you can dream it, you can do it with custom granite. Plenty of factors go into choosing the right slab, from the color to the density of the stone itself. *LINK TO SLAB SELECTION PAGE HERE* By choosing the right depth, color and even edge of your new countertops you can get the room you’ve been dreaming of, hassle free. The flexibility and durability of granite makes your room something special – and our expert fabrication team is ready to create and precisely install the countertops you’ve chosen. You’ll have the opportunity to view your slabs in person; we recommend doing so before your template measuring session to make sure you love the granite you’ve chosen.

Precise Measurements Create a Perfect Fit

Your new granite countertops will be custom cut to match your space; from the very first measurement we take until your last slab is in place, our digital process ensures accuracy and a perfect fit. One of our skilled technicians will use a laser templater to measure your space and existing fixtures. These precise measurements are used to create a digital image of your space. On occasion, we’ll need to remove a fixture or item and take it with us to ensure a perfect fit; any pieces removed will be returned during the installation process.

Once uploaded, we use these custom measurements to search our extensive inventory for the perfect granite slab for your countertops. Using digital imaging, one of our skilled artisans will carefully position your granite slab, lining up all veins and ensuring that the color and pattern has a perfect flow before a single cut is made. This digital layout is examined and approved before a single cut is made into your granite to make sure the final product will be perfect for your space.

Creating your Countertops

Once the design process is complete, our talented staff of fabricators take over. Using the precise measurements created in your home, and the detailed layout plan, your granite is shaped and cut using the latest in CNC computerized equipment. While we rely on technology to make the precision cuts that allow your new granite to suit your space perfectly, stone cutting is still an art. One of our experienced technicians oversees your slab and makes sure that your granite countertop is perfect before it leaves our facility.

Our Installation Process:

Since your countertops have been measured and cut to the perfect size, installation is quick and efficient. Any items that were removed during the template measurement process will be returned during installation and repositioned as your countertops are installed.  One of our technicians will be on hand to add the finishing touches, seal and seams and make sure you are completely happy with your new granite countertops. Our job isn’t done until we have your seal of approval, so we ask that you check your new countertops carefully and make sure you love the fit, quality and construction of your new granite.