Commerce Twp. / Milford MI

Whether you’re looking for a great return on your investment or simply want to upgrade to your dream kitchen, natural granite and stone countertops make the perfect match for your Commerce Township home. According to home renovation experts at This Old House, one of the best home investments you can make is to upgrade your kitchen. Why do kitchens matter? Because so much of the family time is spent there, preparing food, bonding over meals and simply spending quality time together. Upgrading your kitchen not only allows you to make your own custom space with all of the features you love; it can actually improve the value of your home, too.

Kitchen Design – Find it, Love it, Make it yours

If you’ve been considering upgrading your Milford home kitchen, you probably have a good idea of what you like already. From home magazines and sites to Pinterest, some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring kitchen remodels are just a click away. Collect images of kitchens you like and you’ll start to spot a theme. Do you love the rustic appeal of a Tuscan themed villa or the clean and crisp whites of an upscale country setting? Getting an idea of the style you like will help you choose everything from your appliances to your countertops and fixtures.

Benefits of Natural Stone for your Commerce Twp Kitchen Remodel

When you choose a natural stone like granite or marble for your kitchen, you get more than a high end designer look. From its extreme durability to its heat tolerance, your natural granite or stone countertop will be easy to care for and maintain its great looks for years to come. Natural granite and marble slabs are some of the toughest materials on the planet; you’d have a tough time damaging it if you tried.

Natural stone retains its beauty and appeal through years of use, and offers the pastry or pasta chef an instant cold work surface; if you love to cook and entertain then you know the value of marble and stone for food preparation and baking.  Granite is effortless to maintain and repels stains and odors; all you’re left with after a messy project is a shining stone surface.

Choosing  New Countertops for your Milford Home

The material you choose for your kitchen counters will have a huge impact on the final look of your room. Once you have an idea of the color and style you want, you can view a variety of slabs and choose the perfect stone piece for your home. Stone is a natural material so the veins and colorations are unique; viewing your slab in person is the best way to find your perfect match.


With over 60 colors and patterns in stock, our granite and stone is on site and in-stock, and expert technicians and designers are on hand to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. It has never been easier to get the look you want – bring the photos of your favorite magazine spreads and design ideas along and we can help you add a personal touch to your home.

Our Custom Countertop Design Process

As part of the design process, you’ll have the chance to work with our team and choose the perfect slab for your project. Once you’ve decided, one of our skilled technicians will visit your home and take precise measurements of your kitchen. Our installation process (LINK TO FABRICATION PAGE HERE) combines cutting edge technology with true craftsmanship. Measurements are done by laser to ensure accuracy and then uploaded into our rendering software to show you exactly what to expect from your finished kitchen. From perfectly matching up veins and seams to precision cutting your chosen slab, our granite artisans use the latest technology and outstanding attention to detail to create the upscale kitchen of your dreams.


The best way to choose countertops for your Commerce Township kitchen renovation is to visit us in person and work with one of our design experts. For more great granite and stone information and inspiration, follow our blog or contact us to begin an amazing transformation in your own home.